Getting Fit For Sex Work

Ibiza draws in the absolute most sweltering and hottest ladies on the planet who hit the clubs, shorelines and bars wearing scanty dresses, short shorts or swimsuits. Or on the other hand mixes of every one of those. Or on the other hand without. Be that as it may, you get the thought. What’s more, since I am functioning as an expert sex specialist on Ibiza, it isn’t sufficient only for me to stay aware of them. I need to look superior to the most attractive young ladies on Ibiza. Furthermore, that implies looking superior to the hottest and fittest young ladies on the planet. That may seem like an issue, yet I am me, so no issue! It just takes diligent work and loads of it. I was sufficiently fortunate to be brought into the world with the essential hereditary qualities to look great, and I considered styling, make up and hair styling to ensure that the feel look great. That is a blend of control and good fortunes.tumblr_nehquiof1d1u1bju9o1_500 - Copy

Be that as it may, getting fit enough to look great in a garments that the customer may need me to wear, in any social setting, is more enthusiastically. Particularly since, on the off chance that I am with a customer or gathering of customers who have been reveling an energy for recreational pharmaceuticals I may put in a couple of hours on end unmistakable exposed other than high heels. That takes some body certainty, I can guarantee you. Bare in a lodging suite before four or five different young ladies and a cluster of horny men. Also, realizing that you look so great that the other shocking and hot ladies provided by Allys Angels Escorts Ibiza blur away from plain sight. They can even be hot moving amidst the room or lap moving a customer yet everyone’s eyes will at present be on me since I look so great.

So all year I watch out for what I eat, including a few kilos in the winter with the goal that I can pack on more muscle and after that losing it again in the spring so I look as astounding as required for the late spring season. A half year up sprucing up, dressing down, and getting stripped. Be that as it may, notwithstanding amid the late spring I hit the rec center each day to lift loads or do yoga or pilates. The heart stimulating exercise gets dealt with swimming in the ocean or stand up paddling. Extraordinary fun and effective.



Being a San Antonio escort or an escort in Barcelona is not an easy job. There are the obvious issues that go with being a female in any situation as the first of the potential things that will weigh you down. You will have to face the risks of violence, sexual or otherwise.

girl in chair escort benidorm black backless teddy high heels with red solesAs a professional escort you need to be aware of and stay on top of your sexual health. Your gynaecologist will become a close friend and confidant and there are so many risks and situations that you need to manage, whether you indulge in anal sex or not, whether you do oral sex without condom (OWO) or not. And if you do indulge in oral sex without a condom you have to decide whether you are willing to let a client cum in your mouth. And if you do, whether you spit or swallow. Obviously you will not do any kind or penetrative sex without a condom, neither vaginal nor anal. The rules are not the same for a professional escort as they are for any kind of amateur, no matter how enthusiastic or promiscuous she may be. You need to be aware of the risks of being robbed as you will undoubtedly be out late at night and may have a good bag and potentially lots of cash.

All escorts in San Antonio or Barcelona will be working long and very unpredictable hours. But undoubtedly some days even the best escort San Antonio can offer may not be called on at all, which is stressful and paranoia inducing. And then the world will just explode and you will have several bookings in a single night. That means dashing from place to place while looking cool and hot and keeping to the schedule while making each client the centre of your attention and giving them all of your focus and energy. And as luck will have it (Murphy’s Law being what it is) when you have been busy all night, are exhausted, sore and need a break are exactly the times that you will then have a busy day time, with clients wanting to see you from late morning all the way through the afternoon and evening.

Ten Hooker Commandments

I know it doesn’t seem likely, but I am a big fan of hip-hop and rap. All the way from LL Cool J  before he went to NCIS Los Angeles and before Ice T joined Law and Order. And a track I have always loved is 10 Crack Commandment by Biggie. So, I have I have done an homage to it (butchered it really) by making it specific to me industry – escort agencies and hookers.

It’s the ten pro commandments, what?
Hooker can’t tell me nothing about this cock
Can’t tell me nothing about this dick, this need, my hustlin’ hookers
Hookers on the corner I ain’t forget you hookers, my triple beam hookers

I’ve been in this game for years, it made me an animal
It’s rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual
A step-by-step booklet for you to get
Your game on track, not your wig pushed back
Rule Number Uno, never let no one know
How much dough you hold cause you know
The cheddar breed jealousy ‘specially
If that man fucked up, get yo’ ass stuck up
Number 2, never let ’em know your next move
Don’t you know Bad Boys move in silence and violence?
Take it from your highness
I done squeezed mad clips at these cats for their girls and pimps
Number 3, never trust no-bo-dy
Your moms’ll set that ass up, properly gassed up
Hoodied and masked up, shit, for that fast buck
She be laying in the bushes to light that ass up
Number 4, I know you heard this before
Never cream pie on your own supply
Number 5, never sell no cock where you rest at
I don’t care if they want a wank, tell ’em bounce!
Number 6, that goddamn credit? Dead it
You think a cockhead paying you back, shit forget it!
7, this rule is so underrated
Keep your family and business completely separated
Money and blood don’t mix like 2 dicks and no bitch
Find yourself in serious shit
Number 8, never keep no weight on you!
Them cats that squeeze your guns can hold jums too
Number 9 shoulda been Number 1 to me,
If you ain’t gettin’ bagged stay the fuck from police
If hookers think you snitchin’ they ain’t trying to listen
They be sittin’ in your kitchen, waiting to start hittin’
Number 10, a strong word called buying backlinks
Strictly for live men, not for freshmen
If you ain’t got the cheddar, say “hell no!”
‘Cause they gon’ want they money rain sleet hail snow
Follow these rules you’ll have mad bread to break up
If not, 24 years on the wake up
Slug hit your temple, watch your frame shake up
Caretaker did your makeup, when you passed
Your girl fucked my man Jake up, heard in three weeks
She sniffed a whole half of cake up
Heard she suck a good dick, and can start a new site up
Gotta go gotta go, more pies to bake up, word up

With apologies to the Original Songwriters: Christopher E Martin / Khary Turner / Khary Kimani Turner



Practically starting the instant when a turned on and smutty gentleman holiday-maker appears on Eivisa, he is really confronted by a pair of items. Without a doubt it could well simply be that those are generally the pair of items which the guy has on their consciousness anyhow, and that makes your guy more prone to observe these types of matters. So exactly what are those 2 secret matters which thus appeal to the interest of the aroused tourist on the White island? I am sure you can work it out?

Magnificent, sensuous, delightful hotties of any type and also mixture. And even ads on behalf of putas. And those advertising campaigns on behalf of the women are on every feasible network and they are produced by means of almost every attainable vehicle. Most of that appears as a something of a bombshell to somebody arriving from North America and who expects that those subjects are going to be buried under cover and also hush-hush. These individuals are seriously not really readied for exactly how exposed as well as routine the purchasing of sexuality remain in Eivisa.

tanned legs on white sunbed pool in background escort ibizaBrothels advertise on the radio. And offer special promotions, theme nights and visiting guest stars who perform anything that will bring in the customers. DJs, live music, porn stars performing live on stage. Free drink on admission and loyalty cards. Whatever it takes to keep them comoing back for more time with the always changing list of beautiful and sexy women.

Independent Ibiza escorts promote themselves and their services in great detail in the local newspaper, s which come out in many different languages with appropriate and different ads in each. And the wording of the advertisements is not subtle and discreet. None of the ambiguity of online directories and websites such as Adultwork in the UK. These women specify exactly what they charge and what services they offer. In as few words as possible as these are classified ads, but very specifically. If a woman offers straight sex, that is what she says. If anal, she will say so. Oral without condom? The advert will tell you. Cum in mouth? Your questions answered in the adverts themselves.

You want the finest escort Ibiza has to offer? Look on Google, it is all laid out there for you. The best escorts Ibiza can offer for rental by the hour all there for you to choose from. There are dozens of pages on Google devoted to advertisements for escort agencies offering the services of some of the sexiest women to be found anywhere. The best escort agencies will tend to be found on the first page unless you want a very unusual service or extremely high class escort girls that the mainstream agencies do not work with.

Whether you are on the hunt for sex or not, there is the advertising that you can not miss as you drive down the E10 in Ibiza. Brothels lit up and flashing neon signs. All over Ibiza there are billboards advertising the brothels. Most Northern European visitors think that they must be misunderstanding at first. Surely they can not be brothels? Surely they are actually lap dancing clubs or gentlemen’s clubs and the advertising is just a little full on? No. They are selling the sexual services of beautiful and sexy women. So much choice. The only limits are your wallet, your imagination and your stamina.