Dating Hot Woman

OK, before we begin gentlemen, let me ask you a question. And please answer it honestly. When you go out next weekend filled with the hope of finding, speaking to, and attracting a sexy woman, what is it that you are really looking for? Do you hope to find the love of your life and a soul mate that you can share your life with and settle down? Or are you simply looking to get your end away and have the best sex you can with the sexiest woman that you can persuade to have it with you? If you had to choose, what would it be? Raunchy no holds barred anything goes sex or a female soul mate that you can be with who may or may not be having sex with you any time soon, and who may or may not be any good in bed when you do get eventually get her there.

girl in chair escort benidorm black backless teddy high heels with red solesIf you answered that you are looking for a soul mate, companion, girl friend, long term companion, potential spouse, future wife or partner, this post is not for you. If you want to get laid with the sexiest women possible and have the most amazing sex of your life, then it definitely is. Because here is the truth – unless you are looking for a potential life partner, professional high class Tenerife escorts are absolutely the way to go. Forget all that time in clubs or bars, working up your courage to approach the level either that you think is probably out of your reach, so you bottle it and try to pull a solid six who may or may not go for it.

And if you do get into her panties might not really be that into it and give you a pretty lousy time of it anyway. Why not get together with a perfect ten who will do things with you that you do not even have a name for? Even the money makes sense when you add up everything you will pay for taxis, drinks, maybe a meal or a club, just to get to the end point of what you are really after – uncomplicated sex.


Escorting in Tenerife

Working as a professional high class escort in the Canary Islands, and Tenerife especially, is pretty much an all year round activity. Which is not true of the profession in most places other than the big cities such as Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, London, Milan, Paris, Brussels and Milan. Ibiza is terrific during the summer, as is Cannes and St Tropez. Zurich and Geneva can be great all year businesses if you speak Russian, but otherwise they are more winter markets. But the Canary islands generally, and most specifically Tenerife and Gran Canaria are terrific markets all year round. Their location near north Africa means that they have year round sunshine. The winter is warm and idyllic, but being islands mean that they are not too horrifically hot during the summer.

escort tenerife in black and white silk slipMy life as an escort in Tenerife is pretty much like work as an escort anywhere, except that there is less competition, crappier weather, and far less dramatic and beautiful landscape to admire and relax in. I only recently worked out why there is less competition here than in somewhere like Marbella. Because I am perfectly happy travelling and have spent a lot of my career travelling world-wide as a high class companion it did not ever occur to me that the three or four hour flight to the Canary Islands would put escort girls off. Surely if clients will travel to these beautiful islands then the sex workers will follow them? The bar staff, hotel workers and restaurant staff do. But apparently the majority of sex workers are less happy to invest the travel time. And you know what I say? Hooray!

There are lots of clients here throughout the year, but not that many girls. And those girls that are here tend to be working in the brothels. I guess that makes sense if th clients are visiting with their families and need to do an incall instead of having the escort girl come to them. But it does not make sense that this is the only option. So there are very few girls like me working hin the Canary Islands, and a lot if clients to go at. Which is terrific. So if the girls want to stay around mainland Europe, God bless them. I am happy for them to carry on here without the competition, thank you very much.